Grand Vessel

Color palette
Pastel Breeze - a blend of muted tones for a tranquil and sophisticated ambiance
Color Burst - a lively explosion of vivid hues, showcasing bold colors and dynamic contrasts
Earthy Neutrals - versatile and timeless, a sophisticated palette harmonizing natural tones and subtle shades
Designers Choice - a versatile palette, inspired by the week's market discoveries, featuring vibrant hues, subtle tones, or anything in between.
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Simply. Stunning. Stems. 

A grandiose centerpiece that will turn heads and arrest your taste buds. Yes, it will indeed upstage your rib roast! Your holiday guests will feel like they’re dining in a garden:) 

Fit for a large dining room table 

8 inch vase

Please note: The images provided are for illustrative purposes only. The selection of vessels and color palettes is curated by our florist on a weekly basis.

Color palettes

Pastel Breeze: This delicate color palette embraces muted shades of blush pink warm beige or soft ivory, mirroring the subtle beauty found in the quiet moments of a gentle breeze like the hushed tones of a sunset. These colors evoke a sense of tranquility and sophistication creating a soothing atmosphere that whispers elegance.

Seasonal Shades: This palette is a celebration of natures diverse hues, inspired by the vibrant spectrum of flowers in every season. From the delicate pastels of the spring blooms to the rich warm tones of autumn petals this collection captures the essence of each seasons floral beauty, creating a harmonious palette that speaks of the ever changing tapestry if the nature.

Please note: While blooms vary based on season, availability, and designer’s fancy, our    commitment to delivering fresh, artful arrangements never changes.


For a one time purchase the vase is yours to keep.

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Thanks for helping us recycle :)

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